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Nurtient Finder Full Version - setup v.1.00.06 (18MB)

Nutrient Finder Update Version - update v.1.00.06 (1MB)
(If you have already installed an earlier version of the Nutrient Finder product)

The file you download is a setup-installer.  Download and run the file to install Nurtient Finder on your computer. The setup installer will automatically detect support programs that are necessary for the proper installation of the product. Enjoy...

System requirements for the Nutrient Finder product:
Windows 95 or newer Microsoft operating system.
Internet Explorer 4.0 or newer.
At least 70MB HD space, includes the application and data.
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Please Note: Nutrient Finder is continually being updated. Users who encounter any problems are requested to contact us and describe in detail the steps taken to recreate the problem. Thank you for your assistance, and thanks for your many comments.

Based on the USDA nutrient database SR16-1, Nutrient Finder provides an intuitive interface to access nutrient values for over 6,600 commonly used raw, natural, and packaged foods. The USDA provides the database as a service at the Nutrient Data Labratory along with links to various other documents regarding health and nutrition.

Nutrient Finder Change History

Initial build of the Nutrient Finder product.  System comes with the Finder dialog, Finder Help dialog and the Nutrient Data dialog. 

Nutrient Data dialog contains all of the available measure amounts available in the database which are selectable.  The amount field allows for user input and the data is adjusted accordingly.

nf103 The first update To the Nutrient Finder product.  The Show Nutrients button will now bring up multiple copies of the Nutrient Data dialog
nf104 The 'Print' function is avaialble on the Nutrient Data dialog
nf105 New feature allowing Nutrient Data to be viewed / printed in 2 columns
nf106 Build Floppy version; clean up interface issues.

Nutrient Finder

Full version
floppy install!

Copy and Unpack the nf106floppy.exe to a folder on your hard drive, then copy and Unzip each of the 'zip' files to the same folder.

Then run Setup

floppy v.1.00.06


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