Nutrient Finder - Based on the USDA nutrient database SR16-1, Nutrient Finder provides an intuitive interface to access nutrient data values for over 6,600 commonly used raw, natural, and packaged foods.

Nutrition Data - The USDA provides the SR16-1 nutrient database as a public service at the Nutrient Data Labratory, along with links to various other documents regarding health and nutrition.

Try the Nutrient Finder product and please send us comments as you note them. Nutrient Finder is now available for download. Please try our 'Windows' based Nutrient Finder product, and send us you comments. We are continually improving the Nutrient Finder product and greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Nutrition Data Documentation - Though Nutrient Finder provides the nutrition data values for foods as they appear in the USDA SR16-1 database, a description of the individual requirement needs for people exists in additional documents approved by the USDA and the Institute of Medicine.

We have analyzed the additional documentation regarding nutrition data values for foods, and have determined RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) values based on a persons sex, age and body weight.

The Nutrient Builder product presents nutrition data values for a list of foods as a group, and displays the data as a percent of RDA based on each nutrient.  This product is currently being integrated into Nutrient Finder, and will be made available to registered members. 

Let us know if you would like to be informed when the Nutrient Builder product is ready for use. Please use the Contact page.

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